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Paul Praet

In the first part of my career I worked on embedded software for VoIP and IoT products.

In the second part of my career, I switched to cloud development with Java working on a IoT SaaS for managed WiFi.

Zero trust privacy architecture for IoT SaaS
Quickie (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 9

When running an IoT SaaS, you are potentially collecting a lot of sensitive end user data.

How can we protect the confidentiality of this sensitive data while still allowing trusted SaaS users to access this valuable data ?

How can we promise to our SaaS users that we have no access to the end user-data ?

In this presentation we will show how Airties, a managed Wi-Fi provider, uses public-key encryption and hashing algorithms to securely implement pseudo-anonymization in order protect the privacy of the end-user without compromising on usability, performance or cost.

While the solution uses AWS as a cloud provider, it can be easily be migrated to other cloud providers.