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Steven Skone

Steven has 20 years of gladiatorial experience in the software and security arenas. He's defeated both of the hardest problems in enterprise software; lumbering big iron monoliths, project managers, and off by one errors.

The secret life of PETs
Quickie (BEGINNER level)
Room 9

Cloud computing services have become increasingly essential to business and individuals. The move from on-premise servers under the direct ownership of the user or organisation to cloud services provided by third party providers changes the risks to privacy that cloud users are exposed to. These privacy risks can be mitigated by Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs).

This talk will answer the following questions.

What are PETs and what are the differences between hard and soft PETs?

Why you should be using PETs and what PETs to use?

How can PETs be used to to amaze your friends and astound your enemies?