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Kris Foster

Kris Foster has been working in software development for over 20 years, a large part of that work building applications on the JVM as an independent consultant. He currently works in the Product Management team for GraalVM helping to build Labs, Demos & Workshops that showcase the GraalVM platform.

What do Quarkus, Spring Native, Micronaut, and Helidon have in common? They all support GraalVM Native Image ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation to transform applications into a native machine executables that starts almost instantaneously, provides peak performance with no warmup, and require less memory and less CPU. It's perfect for containerized workloads and microservices where maximizing startup time and minimizing required resources is critical. In this workshop we'll provide a practical introduction to GraalVM Native Image AOT covering how it works, what it can do, when to use it, and how to tune and debug applications.

Topics include: building with Maven and Gradle, static and dynamic linking, containerization, configuration, working with resources, profile guided optimization, garbage collection options, and JUnit testing and debugging native executables