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Marcy Ericka Charollois
The Safe Place

Hey world !

I'm Marcy Ericka, a social tech writer, content strategist, founder of Merci Marcy and The Safe Place.

I'm a former editor-in-chief of WeLoveDevs for 2 years. I was the first woman hired there. Yes, on top of that, I was the first racialized and LGBTQIA+ woman.

I quickly realised that few people like me are represented in tech. I then chose to take a more committed stance to promote diversity by breaking through the pretense of corporate values. To sum up my journey : I am an advocate for creating real cohesion within teams, enabling them to embody a culture of genuine inclusion beyond the bullshit

Women are underrepresented in the digital realm. Today, they represent only 28 to 30% of employees, all professions combined.

What happened in this professional sector, however dominated by women during its genesis? Would women no longer feel in their place or not?

Some disturbing findings:

  • higher education leading to digital technology is invested in by men;
  • recruitment advertisements are not, as a rule, thought and written for women;
  • tech teams don't think about the deep needs of women or diversity;
  • women do not feel heard.

Even if women communicate, it seems that we do not listen to them.

And what are the results? Migration to corollary professions, brown-out, disembodiment in the team, resignations, creation of FemTech.

On a diverse spectrum, they lead the creation of safe places as a room of community expression.

So, if you want to promote diversity beyond the trend, and you have understood that the helping women in tech is a breach in solving the issue of diversity and inclusion, take part in my talk!