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Mark van der Linden

As a developer I always want to know how something works in detail. This usually means a hands-on approach, delving into the technical details and finding the limits.

However, sharing the findings and making my colleagues and friends just as excited, is what really makes me enjoy technology and with that, my job.

As a Software Architect I do just that, making sure the technologies are known by team and supports the customer’s needs.

Authentication is something we all deal with every day, developers and users alike. Its however rarely looked at as fun thing to delve into.

I took it on myself to figure out a way to make it more fun and less frustrating to deal with authentication in the web apps we visit and develop every day.

You shall not password
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 9

In these modern times of real privacy protection and increased server-side security, a key risk can still be defined as “relying on a single word or phrase to protect all of one’s data”. Consider a password a secret you happily seem to share with the world wide web. Ponder the thought: if you start sharing your secret, can it still be considered a secret?  

During this session, iO experts Mark and Lucien take you through a multitude of security measures that don’t rely on the use of passwords. They’ll share the reasons why we should move away from passwords and how you can easily implement Web Authentication to provide your users with a simple and more secure way of authentication.  

Welcome, to the age of passwordless authentication! 

In short: 

  • FIDO: let’s solve the world’s password problem, together 
  • Web Authentication: there once was… a credential management API 
  • Authenticators: ‘And who might you be?’