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Marc Cortada Bertomeu

Marc is a software engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the IT sector. Polyglot in programming languages and databases. Currently working at ING as a software engineer in fraud and cybersecurity and collaborating at the Online University of Catalonia as an associated teacher of the subject “Architecture of non-traditional databases”. He also had the opportunity to lead teams paying close attention on knowledge sharing.

He owns two open source packages related to data access with more than 81k downloads in https://www.nuget.org/profiles/MarkCBB

He has academical background as a Software Engineer and also in organization management. He got certified as a C# developer and as a MongoDB (2.6) Developer Associate.

NewSQL, the holy grail of databases?
Quickie (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 10

Once upon a time, we only had two types of databases: SQL and NoSQL. Both had advantages and disadvantages, but this allowed us to choose the database that fit our application best. Then one day a challenger appeared: NewSQL. It promises to have the scalability of NoSQL databases as well as the transactional & consistency capabilities of an SQL database. Come with us on a journey to discover whether or not NewSQL is indeed “the chosen one”.