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Bart Blommaerts
BB Consulting

Bart is a passionate Application Architect, who believes closing the model-code gap is essential to make rapid, agile delivery sustainable. Bart has a strong focus on API design, reuse, automation and security. He is always looking for technical challenges.

Distributed Tracing as Architecture
Lunch Talks (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 6

By now, we all know "BDUF" (Big Design Up Front) and "NDUF" (No Design Up Front) don't work when creating the architecture of a system. We need "JEDUF" (Just Enough Design Up Front) ... unfortunately, nobody knows what "just enough" is. But some vendors can probably sell you a tool for it ...

In this talk, I want to give a very pragmatic approach on creating the architecture of a (new) system. And it's not only drawing boxes and lines or pitching some tool. It starts with a short but intense design phase and then validating and evolving the architecture from a running application using distributed tracing. This means the system itself will be the architecture! We will use Elastic Kubernetes Service on AWS with XRay as a practical example to explain and visualize the architecture of a cloud-born distributed system.