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Bartłomiej Żyliński

Developer interested in functional programming, with industry experience in writing Java- and Scala-based software, working mainly with backend. A regular contributor to open source projects, one of the maintainers of the sttp project. Technical writer for DZone.

I like exploring how things work from the inside and how I can leverage them in my day to day work. I am a self-taught developer, and I constantly expand my knowledge of the tools I work with, such as Kafka or Akka. I like to do some more complex algorithmic tasks from time to time.

Math Behind Software
Quickie (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 7

Be aware: it's mostly theoretical math here!

But math is an essential part of our everyday work as software engineers, so it's worth having a closer look at what the math behind software is.

This presentation is focused on the concept of vacuous truth and how it can impact our work.

The talk opens with an intro on how and where math intersects with software development and moves on to defining vacuous truth exactly and a brief explanation of why calling .allMatch on empty Stream will always return true.