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Guillaume Lours

Sr Software Engineer at Docker, after playing with Docker Desktop, Docker Hub and different CLI tools, I'm now working on features to improve developer experience such as Docker Compose and Docker Dev Environments

Docker Compose: From Localhost to Cloud
Conference (ADVANCED level)
Room 9

You know Docker, right? But do you know Docker Compose? Yes? But do you know what’s new in the 2.0 release? And do you know that you can use Docker Compose in your development environment as well as in production? No? Then, this talk is for you.

In this talk we will quickly present the history behind Docker Compose, and highlight some of the novelties brought by Docker Compose 2.0. We will show you some advanced use cases that you might use as a developer on your local machine. But did you know that Ops can also take advantage of Docker Compose by deploying an entire application to the Cloud? Yes, in a single command an entire application can be deployed to your Could provider without the need of Kubernetes. And talking a K8s, we will end our talk by giving you some hints on when to use Docker Compose over K8s.