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Simone Casciaroli

Simone Casciaroli is a technical leader who is specialised in enabling autonomous teams to continuously and incrementally ship value to users. Simone has spent the last two decades leading technical teams across startups and scale-ups with roles at the intersection of delivery, product, and technology (Now TV, Babylon Health, SecureSafe). Simone has co-founded two health and personal development startups and recently joined the Electric Vehicles revolution as Head of Engineering at Onto.

What Leaders can learn from The Montessori Principles
Lunch Talks (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 6

The Montessori approach has revolutionised the education system by putting the child at the centre of the class and by treating children like adults. We will look at the principles of the Montessori approach to see what we can learn to help us promote autonomy while being supportive. It will be fascinating and fun to see how much children's motivation is similar to adults' and how this parallel can help us make better decisions daily. You will learn how to balance coaching and delivery and simple strategies to enhance the effectiveness of your teams.

It is not about being right
Quickie (BEGINNER level)
Room 10

I have moved between individual contributor and a management role three times in my career, and every time I felt that what helped me as an IC was impacting me negatively as a manager. I'll walk you through my last transition to a management role: what aspects made the transition harder and how I did overcome them.