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Dan Heidinga
Red Hat

Dan Heidinga is a Principal Software Engineer with Red Hat. He's active across a wide variety of Java and JVM related projects. Dan's also an Eclipse OpenJ9 project lead, a qbicc contributor, and an OpenJDK Project CRaC committer. He's also involved in both Project Vahalla and Amber. When he's not hacking on the JVM, he's involved in specification discussions around how the language and runtime should work.

The fast startup landscape is expanding!
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 3

Java has been dogged by two meme's since its creation: "Slow to start" & "Uses too much memory"! And while we can debate the truth of the claims, one thing is clear - the Java's fast startup & small footprint landscape is changing. The broader computing ecosystem is putting increasing pressure on both fast startup and small footprint and the Java community is responding! This session will give you the lay of the land on what options you have today, and the options that are coming in the future. Wondering how CRIU (checkpoint restore in userspace) in Project CRaC may help? Or the tradeoffs of adopting GraalVM's native image? Or what Project Leyden might be doing? Come to this session to find out more!