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Remi Forax
University Gustave Eiffel

I am an Assistant Professor for the University Gustave Eiffel, Paris, France.

While i'm not teaching and taking care of my kids, i try to improve Java by being an expert for several OpenJDK projects (and for the JCP before that).

I've participated to the JSR that brings invokedynamic, lambda, modules (yes i know) to Java and i'm currently working on the OpenJDK project Amber (records, sealed classes, text blocks, pattern matching) and Valhalla (value class and better generics).

Loom is Blooming
Deep Dive (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 8

The Loom project has been under work for several years now. A preview version has been made available in the JDK 19, so we now have a precise idea of what it will bring to the Java platform. We can see the patterns we will be able to use, and the performances it will bring. Our good old Threads, created more than 25 years ago, will see a new kind of lightweight threads. Creating a thread will be easier and much cheaper, allowing the creation of millions of them in a single JVM. These virtual threads can be block at almost no cost. These new virtual threads bring with them new notions that will be covered in this talk. You will see structured concurrency, reactive and asynchronous programming. You will learn about ExtentLocal, a new way of dealing with ThreadLocal variables, about StructuredExecutor, and about synchronization. A lot of code is shown in this presentation that will show you how Loom can change the way you write your code, the performance gains you may expect, both in your application and for the Java Virtual Machine itself.