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Yoann Benoit

I'm Head of Data and co-founder of Hymaïa, a data centric consulting company aiming at building high quality Data Products and helping companies democratize their Data usage and strategy.

My role within Hymaïa is to animate the data experts community, acting as a servant leader to help building a great work culture that people are pround of.

I work with my clients on Data Science, Data Product Management and Data Strategy projects. I'm also a technical writer and trainer on a wide range of Data-relate topics.

I'm also a certified professional coach, helping individuals reaching their personal and professional goals.

Rare are the companies that don't exploit their data today, but also rare are those that have succeeded in scaling up its use and putting data at the heart of their activity.

We are now entering the era of Data At Scale: the first successes of data projects and products are arriving and lessons have been learned from the mistakes made. The wish is now to go to the next level: promote the launch of tens or hundreds of data use cases in parallel. In other words : being Data Centric.

Except that this next level is a path strewn with pitfalls, it is a profound change that must be carried out, both organizationally, technologically and methodologically speaking.

In this talk, we'll present you 10 pitfalls to avoid in order to make this scaling up a success. From strategic organization to team sizing and good data product development practices, each component will have its share of potential errors. You may recognize yourself in some, and be able to anticipate and be proactive for others.

Let's find out !