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Peter Palaga
Red Hat

Peter Palaga is principal software engineer for Red Hat Integration. He is mostly occupied by porting Apache Camel components to Quarkus. He likes tinkering with build tools, most notably mvnd - the Maven daemon. He worked on Red Hat Fuse, JBoss EAP and other Red Hat Middleware products in the past.

Maven, my life is short!
Tools-in-Action (BEGINNER level)
Room 8

Have you ever attached a performance profiler to your Maven build? Do you know what are the bottlenecks and possible mitigation strategies? In this talk we’ll guide you through some of those, such as skipping Maven Mojos, using mvnd, a.k.a. Maven Daemon, vertical scaling (a machine with more CPUs and RAM) and incremental builds with GIB. All tricks will be presented along with relevant numbers and we will discuss not only time gains but also costs and trade-offs. Sneak peek: the presenter’s main build went down from 23.5 min to 1 min.