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Dmitry Belyaev
VMware Tanzu Labs

Dmitry is a Staff Solutions Architect at VMware Tanzu Labs (former Pivotal Labs). As a part of the Application Modernization team inside VMware Tanzu Labs Dmitry supports VMware customers on their application modernization journeys. He helps customer engineers to learn modern principles of software design and development. Dmitry is passionate about Domain Driven Design, distributed microservices-based architecture and XP development practices.

We all heard a mantra saying “each microservice should have its own database” but is this always true? What about a situation when we split one business domain (bounded context) into several microservices because of some technical reasons. Does this statement hold true in this situation as well?

Working as a consultant helping clients to build distributed, microservices-based systems Dmitry faced this situation quite often. In this talk he will explain what challenges such situations bring and share different ways how these challenges can be addressed.