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Jesper Møller

Nine A/S

Jesper's either a software developer who's also a solution architect, or the other way around -- he has a keen interest in building systems that actually work, mostly in the merry maze of public sector IT. Specialties: Making systems which work and innovate, by coming up with solutions to "unsolvable" problems. While he primarily works in Groovy, Jesper has a developer background in Java and C++, and keeps getting involved in various Open Source efforts, mostly in Eclipse on the built-in Java compiler (e.g. for Java 8 and 10). He also contributes to the Groovy community, e.g. around the new grammar. Other guilty pleasures include dabbling in TypeScript (for recreational game programming) or Rust (for low level curiosity)

From hot data sources to interactive clients in a hurry

This live code walkthrough will show you how to accept data get from a screaming hot data source, tame it into topic-based storage, and finally extract it into an interactive, "live" web client. In a proper, testable fashion!

We'll cover the basics of a reactive application in Micronaut, including how to get data in and out of Apache Kafka, by leveraging Micronaut's novel approach to dependency injection. We'll put the streams of data to good use in an interactive client using D3.js, using just enough JavaScript code. And we'll do it while enjoying the short iteration times and static type safety guaranteed by Micronaut.

Apache Kafka
Reactive Streams

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