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Antonio Goncalves

Antonio Goncalves is a senior developer living in Paris. He evolved in the Java EE landscape for a while and then moved on to Spring, Micronaut and Quarkus. From distributed systems to microservices and functions, today he helps his customers to develop the architecture that suits them the best.

Aside from developing his customers’ applications, Antonio wrote a few books (Java EE and Quarkus), talks at international conferences (Devoxx, JavaOne, GeeCon…), writes technical papers and articles, gives on-line courses (PluralSight, Udemy) and co-presents the Technical French pod cast Les Cast Codeurs. He has co-created the Paris JUG, Voxxed Microservices and Devoxx France. For all his work for the community he has been made Java Champion a few years ago.

Today Antonio is Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft, working on Azure for Java.

On the right corner, Quarkus, goes into his challenge against Micronaut the lightweight champion, and pound-for-pound with Spring Boot the best microservice framework in the world. Who will win the world “Cloud Native Java Runtime” title fight?

In this 3h long workshop you will bring your own laptop, install all the needed tools and be ready to develop from scratch three microservices: one written with Quarkus, one with Spring Boot and one with Micronaut. Add some business logic, access a database in a reactive and imperative manner, run them on HotSpot, compile them with GraalVM, containerize them with Docker and deploy them to the cloud. Then, add some load testing, scale and monitor them. At the end of this workshop you will know which of these microservices is the most appropriate in terms of performance, resource consumption, and startup time… or maybe you won’t ;o)

For this workshop you will need to install:

  • Git
  • Java 11, Java 17 and GraalVM
  • Your own IDE
  • Docker desktop
  • An HTTP client (cUrl, wget, Postman)
  • Have a Docker Hub account
  • Have a GitHub account
  • Have an Azure account (we will give you some credits)

Docker Compose: From Localhost to Cloud
Conference (ADVANCED level)
Room 9

You know Docker, right? But do you know Docker Compose? Yes? But do you know what’s new in the 2.0 release? And do you know that you can use Docker Compose in your development environment as well as in production? No? Then, this talk is for you.

In this talk we will quickly present the history behind Docker Compose, and highlight some of the novelties brought by Docker Compose 2.0. We will show you some advanced use cases that you might use as a developer on your local machine. But did you know that Ops can also take advantage of Docker Compose by deploying an entire application to the Cloud? Yes, in a single command an entire application can be deployed to your Could provider without the need of Kubernetes. And talking a K8s, we will end our talk by giving you some hints on when to use Docker Compose over K8s.