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Vanessa Formicola
Flo Health

Software Engineering Manager at Flo, 10+ years of industry experience (Microsoft/ThoughtWorks) and 3+ years in leadership roles. Experienced with high scale backend systems, legacy modernisation and infrastructure as code across multiple domains and tech stacks. 

Primarily focused on transformation of software systems and enablement of teams with varied backgrounds. 

Experienced working with distributed global teams (multi-tz). 

Creator of knowledge sharing/D&I communities, public speaker and social change advocate.

TDD and other drugs
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 8

Do you find testing addictive? or is it one of those things you dread to do?

In either case testing practices are likely to be part of your day to day activities, wouldn't it be nice to make it easier and more effective?

Codebases that have been written with TDD can have up to 90% test code, isn't it a good idea to pay attention to so much code you will have to maintain? 

This talk is a collection of testing practices identified and experimented during years of work as a developer and a software engineering consultant.

It walks through different techniques and approaches and the common pitfall encountered.