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Sébastien Blanc
Red Hat

Sébastien Blanc, Red Hat's Director of Developer Experience, is a passion-driven developer with one primary goal: Sharing his passion by giving talks that are pragmatic, fun, and focused on live coding.

Access your brain with an API
Tools-in-Action (BEGINNER level)
Room 5

In the beginning, we had the keyboard, the mouse, and the joystick. Then came gyroscopes, voice recognition, and more. There are multiple ways to interact with a machine; but could we someday be able to capture the frequencies emitted by our brain, process them, and make them available as an API? Deploy a pod on a cluster just by thinking about it?

A California startup has released a brain helmet that can capture our brain's electrical activity and has made available an SDK that allows you to create applications and services with this new form of interface: the brain.

After a quick explanation of how our brain works, we will see in the form of mini demos how the SDK works and the perspectives it opens up—for accessibility in particular.