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Alexandre Touret

After almost twenty years in IT in Paris then Tours, I joined equensWorldline as software architect at the Acquiring department since 2018. All along my career, I had the opportunity to work on several functional and technical fields (development, architecture, production, ERP, training,...) and project management too. My business activity consists of coding, coaching developers and designing software architectures. Moreover, I appreciate sharing my skills and learning from my peers. My main expertise fields are software architecture and engineering.

How to learn architecture ? How to improve in this field ? How do we recognize a good or a bad architecture ?

There are plenty of books and training sessions about this subject. The best thing is to practice!

In the same way as coding dojos, I will present to you architecture katas. There are created by Ted Neward (http://blogs.tedneward.com/). His idea came from the following observation :

"So how are we supposed to get great architects, if they only get the chance to architect fewer than a half-dozen times in their career?"

One solution to this issue could be to practice regularly on several topics to gain experience.

After a brief introduction of how to start designing an architecture, I will present architecture katas, and the conduct.

To conclude, after this first try I will present the benefits I had benefited.