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Eric Cattoir


During a 25 year career at IBM Eric was involved with many customer projects of various sizes. He has a long experience in all kind of development related technologies, ranging from Mainframe environments till mobile and internet of things. He has been involved in aspects of modernizing existing environments as well as in implementing new technologies. He has experience both with deep down development, but also with methodology, architecture and change consultancy. Currently he is a consultant within the IBM Hybrid Cloud where amongst others he is helping customers deciding on the right deployment solution for their applications in a hybrid cloud world.

Developing (on) for the Edge

Through the advent of 5G and the evolution in Internet of Things systems we see an explosion in use cases of Edge computing. Technology now allows for complex computing like machine learning on the edge. This of course provides new challenges for developers in how to develop, maintain and manage these solutions.

In this session we will look at how you can setup a Kubernetes based devops solution for developing these complex applications consisting of components which run on a mixture of central cloud systems and edge devices.

We will show also how you can manage a setup with large number of edge devices and control aspects like security and integrity. The use case will show how we can develop using some basic hardware (raspberry or other ARM based computing devices) solutions like visual recognition to run on the edge in real time fashion on a multitude of devices.

We will be leveraging the open source Horizon software.

Artificial Intelligence
IoT Solutions

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