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Louis Jacomet

Louis Jacomet has been perfecting his knowledge of Java for more than 20 years. Always a developer at heart, his role evolved over the last years to include technical team leading, coaching and some management. In addition to the bits and bytes, Louis is interested in people management skills mandatory to create a productive project team. To complete the buzzword bingo, Louis is interested in agile practices for the visibility, communication and result orientation it promotes. After working remotely from Belgium for Terracotta, with a focus on Ehcache, Louis is now part of the Gradle build tool team.

The notion of developer productivity is a key issue in our increasingly computerised society. In this context, it seems coherent to apply the same software engineering practices to the build as to your applications and libraries.

The recent improvements of Gradle cover the technical aspect of the build but also recommendations and idioms for better builds.

We will see how the new features for JVM projects and dependency management allow you to model your projects and publish your libraries with richer metadata. Some examples:

  • Version catalogs,
  • Test suite modelling
  • And more

You will learn how to write idiomatic Gradle plugins by leveraging Gradle's programming model. You will also learn how to organise the build of your software whether you have a single repository or several repositories. The build logic will be reusable, based on conventions and with code quality and testing.

We will also see how the new Configuration Cache can speed up local development by starting the execution of tasks immediately. You will learn how it works and what constraints it imposes, in alignment with idiomatic recommendations.