Info for Speakers


When you arrive at the venue, head to the speaker registration area of the main reception desk. There you will be able to collect your badge and speaker gift.  


Devoxx Belgium is is held at the Kinepolis cinema complex in Atnwerp, located at Groenendaallaan 394, 2030 Antwerpen.  The Devoxx entrance is at the Business Center of the building on the side.  You can find more information on how to reach the venue at our FAQ page

The venue has cloakroom facilities but please note that these may get very busy, especially on the final day of the conference. WiFi will be available throughout the conference centre during Devoxx. The SSID and password is  printed on your badge.


The official presentation template is available in different formats. However, if you’ve refined your own design which you’re attached to, could you just add an opening slide from the template so that we have consistency when it comes to presentation videos. 


A wired connection will be available in all presentation rooms. Elsewhere a robust WiFi network is available throughout event spaces.


The BOF rooms (next to the registration desk) on Wednesday and Thursday can be used by the speakers,  there are also plenty of areas around the conference where you can do last minute fixes to your deck if needed.


The ideal (16:9) resolution for your laptop is 1280 x 720


When taking questions from the audience, please be sure to repeat them for the benefit of other attendees and those watching your session online.


All speakers should use their own machine, using any operating system, as long as you have a USB-C, thunderbolt, DVI, VGA or HDMI connector. Signal output is 60Hz! You’ll be able to plug into power in your session room, please don’t do your presentation on battery as this results in a weak video signal.