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Kevin Rushforth
Oracle Corporation
Kevin Rushforth is a member of the Oracle Java Team and is the co-project lead for the OpenJFX project on OpenJDK. He has worked on Java Client APIs since 1997.
So you've decided you need to build a desktop app? Find out your next steps as we emphasize getting started in the right direction when choosing and using the Java platform UI toolkits. We present lots of techie details as well as content to help you choose an appropriate UI technology for your current and future business needs. Should you choose Java? Should you use Swing or JavaFX? Can you mix and match? What are each of them best for? How do you deploy the desktop app in your enterprise? We show how easy it is to use Swing and/or JavaFX, and run through as many of the fantastic capabilities as we can.
JavaFX Notebook
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
JavaFX Notebook combines the power of Java and JavaFX with the ease of use of JShell into a rich notebook-style application. This technology demonstration will showcase some of the innovations we are working on to make it easy to get started with JavaFX, allowing you to enter and execute your code instantly and interactively to visualize your data immediately.
JavaFX enables developing application with lots of rich content, but even a simple HelloWorld app has a fair bit of ceremony. Visualizing data with JavaFX Charts is powerful, but has even more boilerplate. With JavaFX Notebook you will learn how to code interactively in JavaFX without initially having to learn the more difficult concepts, and how to easily visualize your data using built-in JavaFX charts.
JavaFX Developers BOF
Meet the JavaFX Project Leads, and learn about what's new in the JavaFX API and some of the things that are coming in the future. This will be an informal chat among those who develop JavaFX itself, and those who use JavaFX to develop rich desktop applications. There will be plenty of time for you to ask whatever questions are on your mind.