Speaker Details

Peter Doornbosch
Peter is a software architect with passion for software development, fascinated by the fact that creating good software is a lot more difficult than most people think. He likes to share his knowledge and experience, whether it’s during design discussions at a whiteboard, or during talks and presentations. His personal motto with respect to software you create or maintain is: “if you don’t know how it works, it probably doesn’t”. His interests include topics like modern programming languages and network protocols. Peter is author of "Kwik", the only 100% Java implementation of the QUIC protocol.
Since the QUIC protocol became an official RFC in May 2021, QUIC and HTTP3 have gained a significant market share, even though most developers will not be aware of it.
With HTTP/2 making significant changes compared to HTTP 1.x, HTTP/3 makes an even more radical change by moving away from TCP. In a sense QUIC is just an improved version of TCP, but it has some nice and shiny features that make it faster, secure and extensible.
This technical talk will focus on QUIC. It will explain what QUIC exactly is, how it works under the hood, and how it is different from TCP. It will cover special features like connection migration and address validation, and explain the importance of its anti-ossification properties. It will also briefly touch HTTP3 and related protocols.