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Bouke Nijhuis
Bouke Nijhuis is the CTO at CINQ ICT. He likes to learn new things and he loves to live code on the stage. Furthermore he is an international speaker and a committer of open source projects. You can reach him on Twitter at @BoukeNijhuis.
So you are hearing more and more about AI coding assistants, but you do not know where to start? In this talk the biggest names in the AI coding space will go head to head. After a short introduction, I (or the AI? 😉) will do several live coding sessions. All the assistants will get some time on stage. Furthermore, the pros and the cons of every tool will be discussed, but also the use of these tools in general. I will give my opinion on when to use which assistant. Finally, I will provide a glimpse into the future of AI coding assistants. After attending this session you should be able to improve your productivity by using the right coding companion.