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Laurent Broudoux

Laurent is a Cloud-Native Architecture expert and Enterprise Integration problem lover. He has helped organizations in adopting distributed and cloud paradigms while capitalizing on their critical existing assets. He is the founder and lead developer of the Microcks.io open-source project: a Kubernetes-native tool for API mocking and testing. For this, he is using his 10+ years experience as an architect in Financial Services where he defined API transformation strategies, including governance and delivery process.

API development is all the rage these days! Customer & partner integration, frontend to backend communication, microservices orchestration: These use-cases require APIs. But this comes with challenges: How to get a fast feedback loop on design? How to allow different teams to work in autonomy without having to wait for each other’s API implementation? How to cope with backward compatibility tests when you’re shipping version 18.3 of your API?
That’s exactly the challenges Microcks is tackling! Microcks allows developers to leverage their OpenAPI, AsyncAPI & Postman assets to quickly mock and simulate APIs before you write ‘em! And it’s even better now, being powered by AI!
In this session we will briefly introduce Microcks and how it works. Then, we’ll dive hands-on into mocking a REST OpenAPI and executing conformance testing. We’ll explain how it can help your teams to better work together. Finally we’ll give you an appetizer on how Microcks is also supporting asynchronous and event-driven APIs, all of this from your CI pipeline!