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Lukáš Petrovický
Lukáš is a senior Java engineer with 15+ years of software development and testing experience. He comes from Brno, Czech Republic, where he spent a large portion of his career as an engineer and a team leader for a sizable group of quality engineers at Red Hat. Eventually his passion for optimization has drawn him to contribute to the OptaPlanner project and from there to Timefold, where he serves as a steward of the Timefold Solver project. He likes good food, nice cars and a lively conversation.
Optimize the world for fun and profit
Deep Dive (INTERMEDIATE level)
Optimizing resource use is key for the continued survival of the human species. From reducing consumption of fossil fuels, to packing your week at Devoxx as much as possible, optimization problems are everywhere. In this deep dive, you’ll learn how to solve them with AI in Java.
Optimization is hard. Really hard. All the computing power in the world won’t save you. You’ll have to work smarter, not harder. And we'll demonstrate that using Timefold, an Apache-licensed Open Source solver.
There will be live coding, there will be benchmarks, there will be science, and we can guarantee you will learn something new.
Come join us, as we dive into the world of optimization!