Speaker Details

Sun Tan
Red Hat
Sun is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, where he strives to enhance the lives of developers. He has contributed to projects like Eclipse Che, Eclipse JKube, and the Java client for Kubernetes, known as "fabric8-kubernetes-client".Outside of work, Sun shares his knowledge by co-hosting the Paris JUG and indulges in his passion for brewing his own beer in his kitchen.
Ever found yourself debugging your application in a live production environment? Not recommended, right? But fear not! I understand the struggle. Reproducing bugs on your laptop can be a challenge when you rely on various interconnected services like databases or authentication services.
That's where Kubernetes and Infrastructure as Code come to the rescue. It offers the ability to replicate a complete production environment within the confines of a controlled developer sandbox. But even with its powers, the ease of debugging and making live modifications may not be as seamless as one would hope on a familiar laptop.
During this presentation, I will introduce Eclipse JKube's Maven/Gradle plugins, which allow you to effortlessly deploy your Java apps to Kubernetes. And the cherry on top? The remarkable remote-dev feature. With it, you can live-code, debug, and test your app with all its dependencies, just like in the cloud, but right on your local machine. Don't miss out on live demos showcasing this magic!