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Sébastien Blanc
Staff Developer Advocate at Aiven, is a Passion-Driven-Developer with one primary goal : Make the Developers Happy. He likes to share his passion by giving talks that are pragmatic, fun and focused on live coding.
Our integrated development environment, or IDE, is our daily companion, and among the classics like Eclipse or IntelliJ, VS Code has gained popularity in recent years. Like its peers, it has a system of plugins that allow you to extend its functionality, called an extension in VS Code.
In this Tools-in-Action, I'll show you how to build your own extension. After a quick overview of the anatomy of an extension, we'll create one "from scratch" that covers the essential components: TreeView, Commands, Configuration, etc. After 30 minutes, we'll have a relatively simple but functional extension.
The goal of this talk is to really inspire you to get started as soon as the talk is over. To that end, I'll distill my own recent learning journey, which hasn't been without its challenges.