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Jettro Coenradie
Jettro is a software architect, search relevance geek, and data enthusiast that loves to talk about his job, hobbies, and other things that inspire people. Jettro truly believes in the Luminis mantra that the only thing that grows by sharing is knowledge. After more than ten years of creating the best search engines for multiple customers, Jettro is drawn into Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Learning and talking about NLP is what drives him to keep improving the user experience of search engines.
Ever thought about building your very own question-answering system? Like the one that powers Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant? Well, we've got something awesome lined up for you!
In our hands-on workshop, we'll guide you through the ins and outs of creating a question-answering system. We prefer using Python for the workshop. We have prepared a GUI that works with python. If you prefer another language, you can still do the workshop, but you will miss the GUI to test your application. You'll get your hands dirty with vector stores and Large Language Models, we help you combine these two in a way you've never done before.
You've probably used search engines for keyword-based searches, right? Well, prepare to have your mind blown. We'll dive into something called semantic search, which is the next big thing after traditional searches. It’s like moving from asking Google to search "best pizza places" to "Where can I find a pizza place that my gluten-intolerant, vegan friend would love?" – you get the idea, right?
We’ll be teaching you how to build an entire pipeline, starting from collecting data from various sources, converting that into vectors (yeah, it’s more math, but it’s cool, we promise), and storing it so you can use it to answer all sorts of queries. It's like building your own mini Google!
We've got a repository ready to help you set up everything you need on your laptop. By the end of our workshop, you'll have your question-answering system ready and running.
So, why wait? Grab your laptop, bring your coding hat, and let's start building something fantastic together. Trust us, it’s going to be a blast!
Some of the highlights of the workshop:
  • Use a vector store (OpenSearch, Elasticsearch, Weaviate)
  • Use a Large Language Model (OpenAI, HuggingFace, Cohere, PaLM, Bedrock)
  • Use a tool for content extraction (Unstructured, Llama)
  • Create your pipeline (Langchain, Custom)
Two brains, one domain, one laptop, and a guarantee for fun and learning. You’ll go back to basics, because unlike learning the latest framework or tech, getting better at modeling in code is a skill that will stay with you wherever you go. You'll be talking about the domain, designing the model and explore coding the model in Java, Kotlin or any other language you prefer.
This is a hands-on coding workshop where you will work in pairs together with other participants. Your base will be the output of an EventStorming session and some context about the domain that you'll be modeling. Together, you'll play around, modeling parts of the domain in code, using tests to guide your design.
Java, Kotlin and Python starter projects will be provided to get you up and running quickly. Multiple starters are available, some that apply EventSourcing, and some with a more traditional approach.
All you have to bring is a laptop with a recent version of IntelliJ installed (only one laptop per pair is needed). Throughout the workshop, pairs will share their approach so we can all learn from each other.
What you will learn:
- Why you need to start by understanding the problem before you start coding.
- How to 'sketch' in code and tease out a model bit by bit.
- Not to be afraid to throw away the model and sketch again.