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Lander Visterin
Lander VisterinLander is a team lead and architect at Klarrio with a passion for cloud native infrastructure. He has worked on solving problems to make cloud agnostic, multi-tenant platforms scalable and maintainable.
Whether you're protecting personal data or company information, having a good access control system is absolutely critical. Open Policy Agent (OPA) is a popular open source policy engine and forms an excellent base for building on top of. 
This talk will guide you through implementing Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) using OPA. Rather than giving you "one true way" of doing things, I will cover the various options you have in your implementation, which you can then leverage for your own use case. There will also be a practical segment where I will introduce you to the Rego policy language and write some simple ABAC policies. You'll see that good practices in software development also apply to writing Rego.