Speaker Details

Martin Skarsaune
Kantega AS
Martin is a passionate developer and owner at Kantega. His primary interests are programming languages and tools. Martin is eager to learn and share at events such as JavaZone, JavaOne and Devoxx. Martin is an active jug member and contributes to several central open source projects in the Java monitoring tool space.
So you just deployed your application to prod like any other day. In a matter of minutes you see the thread pool filling up and clients timing out. First you roll back the code, then you start to investigate the logs and ask the infrastructure guys, but nothing obvious springs to mind. Then you go over every new commit with your team, but nothing really stands out. You are unable to reproduce the problem in either regression tests or load tests. This is the kind of situation where you need the flight recorder and mission control. It allows you to capture the nitty gritty details out of your JVM at runtime with a minimal amount of overhead.
Given that you run java 8 or later, both flight recorder and mission controls are now open source and free to use, even in production.
Unfortunately, at the same time that we got access to the tools, our applications moved into the cloud, running in barebone containers stripped of even the most essential tools, and no longer reachable over the network. So a lot of our toolbox just went out the window!
Fear not, we will connect the dots between the JDK tools and JVMs running in the cloud, using only open source tools and standards such as kubernetes and spring boot to achieve this.
The presentation is based on live demonstration.