The official “Devoxx” mobile apps

The official schedule app is named “Devoxx” and is officially supported on iOS and Android by the Gluon & Devoxx team.

Install this app and you’re set for all the future Devoxx and VoxxedDays events.  Select your preferred event and start scheduling your sessions.


  • Supports all Devoxx events, one app to rule them all!
  • Create a personal schedule by favouriting talks
  • Sync your favourite presentations
  • Rate talks
  • Scan attendee badges
  • Schedule works offline


We would like to thank the following people, who turned the ‘Devoxx’ ambition into a reality:

Bugs & Feature requests

The mobile apps are OSS projects and hosted on GitHub.

Don’t hesitate to submit issues, feature requests or provide pull requests!

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