Migrate your APIs to GraphQL: how? and why!


As many other, Expedia deploys its APIs to power native mobile apps, conversational platforms (such as Alexa) and its web pages. With tens of APIs using REST, the ensemble became inconsistent type wise: like how to represent a price or a date. Or in terms of style with usages of query parameters or payload.

One of the side effect of this inconsistency is to have teams using those APIs spending too much time maintaining different styles which is as much time not used to develop new features for the end customer. With such heterogeneous clients, all the returned data are not necessarily useful. Why always returning an image about a hotel for a chatbot?

During this presentation we'll see how Expedia leverages GraphQL (schema and language) to improve its APIs functionally and technically.


Guillaume Scheibel


Guillaume is working as software engineer at Expedia in London. He also has contributed to open source projects like GraphQL-Kotlin, Hibernate OGM, Infinispan and Asciidoctor. Sometimes he speaks at conferences (Devoxx BE and FR Soft-shake, Codemotions, Voxxed days) or JUGs.

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