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Karl Heinz Marbaise
SoftwareEntwicklung Beratung Schulung

 Karl Heinz Marbaise is working as a freelance DevOps in the Java environment. This includes developments

in Java (Spring Boot, JUnit Jupiter, etc.) and the development of tools for process support in Go. In the area of

build and configuration management (Maven, Jenkins, Nexus, Git) he has been conducting trainings for years. 

As a open source committer I'm currently the chairman of the Apache Maven project furthermore I'm a Apache Software Foundation Member

The Current Development / State Of Apache Maven 4.X
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 7

Interested participants will learn what is currently going on in the development of Apache Maven 4.X. The goal is to get an Apache Maven version 4.0.0-alpha-1 as a starting point but at the same time not render everything that exists so far unusable. The keyword backwards compatibility has a very big meaning here. One of the questions is, how can such a requirement be met? Part of the solution is the separation into build and consumer POM. Thereby the reasons for the separation will be presented. The presentation will be extended by topics that could possibly break backward compatibility. This will be supplemented by a non-exhaustive list of features that are currently being under development. Furthermore, we will have a look at the project structure of the Apache Maven project, to get an overview of the different areas of the project. It is still to be mentioned that the contents for the lecture are also still supplemented by the most current developments (bleeding edge!).

Apache Maven BoF

A lot of things are moving in Maven’s world. In this BoF, we welcome everybody involved with Maven to discuss. It doesn't matter if you're a user, a contributor or a committer, just join us.