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Astrid Belder


Software Engineer at ASML.

Use your data to tell stories

Deep Dive
Big Data & Machine Learning

Everyone nowadays is obsessed about Big Data, but is it really enough to make a difference? Big Data is in fact like raw ore; you need to process it the right way to reveal its real treasure. Data visualizations allow us to gain knowledge out of pure texts and numbers, to tell the stories that lie behind the data.

In this interactive workshop, we are talking about the thought process, the techniques, the tools and technologies on how your data can show its deeper meaning all the way from cancer diagnosis and microelectronics to housing prices and even your own zodiac sign!

Learning Outcomes Experience at first hand the thought process behind engaging data visualisations used in the industry and the academia Learn how to think visually Experiment with known javascript-based data-visualisation libraries, such as D3.js, highcharts.js, and Vega Tell the story your data has to reveal in a fun and creative way

Scheduled on Monday from 13:30 to 16:30 in Room 6

Big Data
Open Data

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