Talks by Session Types

Talks grouped by session types


Informal evening sessions of one hour, where like minded people get together and discuss technology.


Tech sessions of 50 minutes on a range of different technologies, practices and methodologies.

Deep Dive

3 hours sessions where attendees can rapidly immerse themselves in a subject matter with an in-depth examination of a topic or technology.

Hands-on Lab

3 hours hands-on sessions where you delve into a specific technology or methodology under expert guidance.


Inspiring and thought provoking keynotes of 45 minutes.


Inspiring and thought provoking keynotes of 20 minutes.


15 minutes sessions designed for speakers to give a quickfire view of a particular subject. A valid conference or combi ticket is required.

Standup Comedy

Enjoy this 30 minutes standup comedy with Mr. Chet Haase (and maybe also Romain Guy)


30 minutes sessions focused on demonstrating tools, technical tools or solutions.

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