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Pepijn Schildkamp

Pepijn is a Solution Architect at CRV with a main focus on Java development and Openshift. Next to his primary job Pepijn is lead back-end development at LiTTiL and is one of the founders of the ArnhemJUG (a Dutch Java User Group).

LITTIL step for man, big step for mankind
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 4

LITTIL started as an initiative of Devoxx4Kids Netherlands during the covid period. How can we teach children programming while we are all limited by the covid regulations.

In this talk we show how we started with LITTIL as a greenfield open source project to bring our IT volunteers in contact with primary schools. Why? We support small Devoxx4Kids days in the classroom.

Let me show you what we build and how we love to let people all over the world use this platform for free. After this talk I hope not only the Netherlands will bring these great Devoxx4Kids days to their schools, but also other countries.