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Raimund Broechler

Dr Raimund Broechler joined INTRASOFT Intl. in 2004 and he has more than 20 years of experience in the Innovation, Consultancy, Research and Technology Transfer fields. INTRASOFT Intl. recently became part of the Netcompany Group, joining forces to create one of Europe’s leading IT companies. Netcompany and INTRASOFT as Netcompany-Intrasoft are embarking together on a growth journey poised to lead the digital transition across Europe.

Dr Broechler has a long experience as a coordinator and project manager, he runs strategic projects and is leading two Netcompany-Intrasoft project labs; Innovation Services Lab and the Smart Manufacturing Lab. Dr Bröchler joined INTRASOFT Intl. as Project Director running large network projects with +1000 network members, like IRC & IRE and managed larger technical assistance projects under the EuropeAid scheme. He coordinated/supported E.U., industrial projects also a portfolio of international projects. He is the founder of the USA-EU Technology-/ Business-Cooperation gateway EEN-US and worked as an expert in the BILAT-US. The focus since 2011 is the coordination and management of more considerable research or service projects that are designed as public-private partnerships (PPPs). The main project foci within the Research & Innovation Development department are in the "Innovation Services" and "Smart Manufacturing" sectors.

Dr Bröchler has been twice re-elected as Vice President of INSME (www.insme.org ); a position he holds since 2007. He is member of the Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland (https://wirtschaftsrat.de/en/ and supports different digitalisation working groups within Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland. He was also twice a Member of the Board of TII (www.tii.org ) and a Member of the Advisory Board of Japan-EU Partnership in Innovation, Science and Technology. He has two lectureships at the HTW, Saarbrucken (the University of Applied Science and the Institute for Scientific professional training) and was awarded in 2014 as a member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the HTW Saar.

The presentation gives an overview on how innovation portfolios can be created using Netcompany-Intrasoft’s state-of-the-art Research and Innovation Development department, with the experience gained through its multi-sector collaborative research project portfolio. At Netcompany-Intrasoft, we recognize that the capability to drive innovation successfully within the market is a crucial competitive advantage. Innovation is key to shape the technological landscape in Europe and lay the ground for economic growth and social welfare.

Research at Netcompany-Intrasoft is conducted by internal research and development experts, in conjunction with prestigious Universities and Research Institutions, and acclaimed industrial partners that ensure the articulation of emerging ICT trends into innovative and exploitable research outcomes. As a result, we offer an interdisciplinary centre of competence on the effects, use and applications of ICT in our targeted markets with a medium to long-term agenda.

Product lifecycles are becoming shorter and shorter. Customisation/adaptation to client specific solutions are offering new niche market chances competing with mass market solutions. This is especially true for software solutions that are penetrating all possible markets from automotive to health and food. Marketplaces for example move from pure product selling to product selling combined with product specific IT services (i.e. maintenance). In such new business models ad-hoc multi stakeholder collaboration are build, where the IT solution provider is from another company and ad-hoc business models are created within the marketplaces