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Steven Le Roux


Infrastructure Engineer

Apache Pulsar 101: architecture, concepts & benchmarks

CQRS, Event streaming, Event sourced, log management, Kafka, RabbitMQ... The all ecosystem is now working on event management, event sourcing, and CQRS. Kafka trend is growing, in a king of modern style ESB. This all trned now allow the emergence of new software. One of the new event log, stream and storage, is Apache Pulsar, a great Apache project, using Zookeeper and Bookeeper, coming from Yahoo! team.

This talk will help to understand the architecture, the good points, the differences, and compare it with SQS, Kafka, RabbitMQ Iron or Redis listen. There will be example using java code.

The two speakers are coming from two different companies, using Pulsar on production.

Apache Kafka
Big Data
Event Sourcing

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