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Andy Bell

Virtual Perfection

Independent contractor. 20 years experience involving many different roles including architect, developer, DevOps, DBA. Contributed to open source projects including Spring, Gradle, Apache Camel & Kubernetes.

Rust for Java Developers

The language that everyone wants to learn. Famed for its speed, correctness and memory safety, Rust is an up and coming language that has reached a level of maturity and should be considered for a space in our developer toolbox. We will cover the fundamentals of Rust from the perspective of developers who's main language is JVM based:

How do I start?

What is familiar?

What is different?

What to avoid?

In this lab we will learn Rust by building a command-line application together. No previous experience is necessary but you should be familiar with Java or similar.

Scheduled on Monday from 09:30 to 12:30 in BOF 2

Programming Languages
Building Tools
Functional Programming Language

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