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Bowie Brotosumpeno


Senior software development engineer at Egencia (Expedia Group).

Postman & Newman for your CICD

Postman is a tool that allows users to simply and quickly call APIs. Its intuitive interface, the ability to save and share query collections, as well as various other features have made this tool very popular among developers. What you may not know is that Postman now has a CLI companion called Newman. Newman is an open-source command-line client for launching Postman collections.

The integration of Postman collections into the CICD then became possible. In this session, we will show you how to create a Postman collection from an Open API specification for use in a CICD process with Newman. We will cover the techniques to treat different use cases such as synchronous call, asynchronous call, workflow, etc. Finally, Newman is also a nodejs library, which opens the possibilities of extension and customization.

Coming out of this conference, you will see Postman in a different way because, in addition to being an excellent tool to manually test APIs, now it allows you to reuse your already created collections in your CICD.

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