Speaker Details

Vinicius Senger

Vinicius Senger is a Java Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services and has been working with software development for over 25+ years. Founder of Globalcode and The Developers Conference, Vinicius is a Java Champion and also was considered a top 20 influencer in IoT development, having developed automation and robotics projects for cars, boats, horses, helmets and many other things. Since 2017 at AWS, he has been working with Java, IoT, Serverless, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Alexa skills and traveled around the world talking about innovation, software, hardware development and AWS technologies.

This workshop will guide developers to build a modern, efficient, elegant and sustainable serverless application from scratch to manage personal expenses / banking account using Quarkus, AWS Lambda, CDK and other Cloud services for CI/CD, observability and optional AI/ML integration features.

If you are a Java EE developer looking forward to update your knowledge about modern Java this is the right workshop for you and in you will have a complete reference application backend with the most used Java technologies for cloud native applications and serverless that you can replicate and adapt it to your new Java projects.