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James Ward


James Ward is a nerd / software developer who tries to share what he learns with others though presentations, blogs, demos, and code. After over two decades of professional programming, he is now a self-proclaimed Typed Pure Functional Programming zealot but often compromises on his ideals to just get stuff done. After spending too many sleepless nights in data centers repairing RAID arrays, he now prefers higher-level cloud abstractions with appropriate escape hatches. James is a huge Open Source proponent, hoping to never get burned by lock-in again.

Kotlin Mullets - Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Ever since we broke apart the front and back-end of our systems, we’ve longed to partially reunite them with a shared language. The benefits of code reuse and shared tooling are compelling but is this nirvana possible?

In this session we will explore building both the front (mobile and web) and back-end of an application with a shared Kotlin codebase.

You will learn how to setup the build, share code, and deploy the back-end as a serverless app.


Knative Workshop - Your own Platform as a Service on Kubernetes

Over the past several years Google has open sourced several cloud-native technologies abstracting away more and more underlying infrastructure into well-defined processes that can work across different environments. Kubernetes and Istio provide cluster primitives for scheduling and networking. Knative is a serverless platform built on Kubernetes and Istio and higher-level deployment, serving, and eventing.

In this workshop you will get hands-on with Knative, using the build, serving, and eventing pieces.

You will learn the different features of Knative by using them via Spring Boot applications & functions.


What's coming in Scala 3

Learn about all the cool new features of Scala 3 and how they impact your day to day development. This talk will refactor existing Scala code from 2 to 3, as well as outline transition process for projects.

We'll cover the following:

  • Enums and Top level definitions
  • Deprecating implicits
  • Type system improvements (union, match, etc.)
  • Metaprogramming (inline, macros and typeclass derivation)
  • Additionally, we'll give advice/guidance on adopting Scala 3 and evolving an existing project.

Functional Programming Language
Language Idioms
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