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Jérémy Voisin


Technical leader at Apside, Jérémy is a modern and past technologies explorer who brings his discoveries as part of trainings or interventions of expertise. Coming from an academic background in artificial intelligence, he conducts work in reinforcement learning and his areas of expertise, in addition to AI, are mobile development and the three realities (AR, VR, MR).

Discovering Augmented Reality with ARCore

With the announcement of the arrival of augmented reality (or AR) in Google Maps and Google Search on Android during the Google IO 2019, AR seems to be taking an increasingly important place in our daily lives.

The release of ARCore in March 2018 on Android, has simplified the development of RA applications on Android and has made it easier for us to build AR applications. During this session, we propose to discover ARCore, via the use in a browser, native applications or 3D engines like Unity, as well as the CloudAnchors that allow the persistence and the sharing of object positions in the scenes of augmented reality, including with iOS users.

After an introduction to the concepts related to AR (meshes, 6 DoF, ...), we will present the different features of ARCore. We will also discuss the different approaches to use, their limitations and their benefits through an augmented reality 3D mapping application.

3D Graphics
Augmented Reality

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