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Maciej Swiderski

Red Hat

Maciej is principal software engineer at Red Hat where he leads jBPM project and is also co-founder of the Kogito project. Since 2007 he is in business automation domain both from development point of view and helping to adopt it in different sectors. He's passionate about open source and tries to promote it wherever possible. In his spare time he enjoys calm and relax life on country side and travels.

Event-driven business automation powered by cloud native Java

Java is entering a new era, the cloud native one. Thanks to GraalVM it can be made smaller, lighter and faster, keeping all its power.

This innovative way of developing and deploying Java applications has been pushed to the next level by Quarkus that provides a full-stack development experience seamlessly integrating many widely used Java libraries and thus opens the door for next generation of middleware.

Business automation is an important players in this context and Kogito, a new Java toolkit based on Drools and jBPM, is made to bring rules and processes to the Quarkus world. After a quick introduction to Kogito we'll show in a live conding session how it can be used to build cloud ready event-driven business applications.

Starting from scratch we'll create micorservices implementing the business logic of a complex domain with rules and modelling its workflows through business processes.

We will demonstrate how Quarkus hot reload capabilities can be used to design this business logic in an iterative way, how to integrate these services with Kafka to process business events, how to monitor them with Prometheus and Grafana and finally how to deploy everything into the cloud.

Cloud Native Java
Microservices Architectures
Live Coding & Demos

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