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Thamar Swart

Thamar is currently a Global Director Experience Design for Digital Retail at Adidas. She has a strong passion for Design & Strategy, connecting user journeys and people. Together with a team of talented designers she is responsible for the design of the digital experiences during the online to offline journeys in the adidas Stores. Experienced in designing for App, Web and Digital Signage Interfaces, she understands that its important to design the experience, not only the good looking pixels. For this it is important to collaborate closely with people with a different expertise and mindset to stay innovative and create user friendly interfaces that people love to use.

Co-creating with UX and Software
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Room 4

What would happen if we would bring design, front end, back end etc. all together? How could we improve the user-flows by thinking of alternative, non-happy flows? What would happen to the performance and therefore the user-experience when back end is already involved before the finalised wireframes are handed over?! 

That's all nice and dandy. But we do need to deal with some concerns like:

-           Knowledge gap: How can the different disciplines with their specialty understand each other and come to conclusions?

-           Shared responsibilities: Where do start and where do they end?

-           Efficiency: What would it do to the efficiency of the team when they get different tasks?

In this session we’ll dive in together;

- seeing what the pro's and con's are of a multidisciplinaire way of working,

- what tips and tricks can be exchanged,

- and what kind of tools can help in smoothing out the concerns that arise