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Alexandru-Madalin Ghenea
ING Belgium

Alexandru-Madalin Ghenea is software engineer with over 6 years of work experience in the IT field.

He did a Bachelor's in Computers and Information Technology and continued studies with a focus on security by doing a Master's in Computer Science - Secure Software.

Alexandru worked as a research assistant, consultant, and software engineer, gaining experience in a broad range of IT fields.  

NewSQL, the holy grail of databases?
Quickie (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 10

Once upon a time, we only had two types of databases: SQL and NoSQL. Both had advantages and disadvantages, but this allowed us to choose the database that fit our application best. Then one day a challenger appeared: NewSQL. It promises to have the scalability of NoSQL databases as well as the transactional & consistency capabilities of an SQL database. Come with us on a journey to discover whether or not NewSQL is indeed “the chosen one”.