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Olimpiu POP
Salt And Pepper

Curious, and interested in productivity and all its various facets. Worked in multiple technologies and industries, always trying to find different experiences: 10x 1-year experience rather than 1x 10-year experience.

Log4Shell and SpringShell are just the vulnerabilities that managed to get everybody’s attention, but vulnerabilities that can be as harmful as them are discovered daily. Staying safe requires good tools and sound data. Getting that right can be a challenge

With real-life examples and up-to-the-minute analysis, this presentation will provide guidance on navigating the threat landscape, explaining how different types of attacks need different defenses and how that translates into specific actions that developers must take to reduce the chance of being compromised.  

Modern software security means being conscious of the choices made in selecting open-source components, tools, and vendors. This talk will teach you more about the tools, skills, and knowledge needed to be effective as well as show why learning to think critically about open source technologies and commercial tools alike will help reduce those sleepless nights.